Factory Tour & Certificate


Our production workshop is a 10,000-level clean and dust-free workshop, which can make the environment meet the following standards:

1. The maximum allowable number of dust particles (per cubic meter);
2. The number of particles ≥ 0.5 microns is ≤ 350,000, and the number of particles ≥ 5 microns is ≤ 2000.
3. The maximum allowable number of microorganisms.
4. The number of planktonic bacteria ≤ 100 per cubic meter.
5. The number of Shenlong bacteria shall not exceed 3 per petri dish.
6. Pressure difference: The pressure difference of the purification workshops of the same cleanliness level should be the same. The pressure difference between the adjacent purification workshops of different cleanliness levels should be ≥5Pa, and the pressure difference between the purification workshop and the non-purification workshop should be ≥10Pa.
7. The number of air changes ≥20 times, the pressure difference: the average wind speed of the main workshop to the adjacent room ≥5Pa.

The above standards ensure that our products are produced in an absolutely clean environment under objective conditions, making the product image clearer and higher quality.
In addition, we have introduced a variety of fully automatic equipment to assist production. Our equipment can be set up in the early stage to quickly and automatically replace the tip assembly, complete the assembly of different lens parts, and the machine is equipped with complete quality inspection and material protection. The mixed foolproof system, with visual software for facet recognition MARK, nozzle recognition and accuracy compensation before parts assembly, greatly improves our production efficiency and at the same time produces products that meet the customer acceptance standards.

ISO9001: It is one of the core standards of a set of quality management system included in the ISO9000 family of standards. The ISO9000 family of standards is a concept put forward by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 1994. It refers to "the international standard formulated by ISO/Tc176 (International Organization for Standardization Technical Committee on Quality Management and Quality Assurance). ISO9001 is used to verify that the organization has the ability to provide satisfaction to customers The ability of the products required by the requirements and applicable laws and regulations is aimed at improving customer satisfaction. With the continuous expansion and internationalization of the commodity economy, in order to improve the reputation of products, reduce repeated inspections, weaken and eliminate technical barriers to trade, and protect producers, The rights and interests of distributors, users and consumers. This third certifying party is not subject to the economic interests of the production and sales parties. It is notarized and scientific. It is the passport for countries to evaluate and supervise the quality of products and enterprises; as a customer to audit the supplier’s quality system The basis; the enterprise has the ability to meet the technical requirements of its ordered products.